Monday, October 24, 2016

Garnok, World of Fire and Ice

Garnok (gar-knock) is a barren, savage world that rotates on its side, with one side facing its star. The side that faces the star is a molten-hot "hotspot" where no life can survive. On the other side of the world is a dark arctic field of extreme cold. Between these extreme climates, is a habitable equator, broken into The Land of Fire, The Land of Rock, and The Land of Ice. Each land has its own people. Such people are but primitive cavemen. Beyond their simple, superstitious nature, they can be elaborate with their customs and decorations. There are no kingdoms here — just a few city-states, and countless little tribes.

The Land of Fire is on the star-wards edge of the habitable equator. It is dry, hot, blinding and full of volcanic activity. Life here has a strong tolerance for the heat, including the many tribes called the "Ash-Men." The Ash-Men have dark skin, painted in ash and black hair. They are known for their taciturn and short-temper. They also share their environment with Snake-Men, Lizard-Men and Dino-Men. For outsiders, the best way to survive is to have a thick cape or poncho to keep the intense solar rays off their skin, wear eye protection, and drink plenty of water. Most of the wildlife here are snakes, replies and dinosaurs. Beyond the the Land of Fire, is the great hot-spot the locals call "The Sea of Eternal Fire". This is a massive sea of magma inhospitable to even the most robust creatures that dwell even at the hot edge of the Land of Fire. There are legends among the the Ash-Men there are creatures and gods of pure fire that call the hot spot home.

The Land of Ice is on the wayward edge of the habitable equator. It is dry, dark and bitterly cold. The land is covered in glaciers and snow drifts. Much like life on the other side of the habitable equator, creatures have a strong tolerance for the cold. On top of that, creatures have better night-vision, as this region is covered in perpetual darkness. The people here are called the "Bone-Men" do to their pale skin and bone-white hair. They are known for their silent stoicism and long-held grudges. They also share their environment with the white woolly Snow-Men. Outsiders in this environment should be bundled-up in thick furs, and to carry a light source. Most of the wildlife are arctic versions of avian or mammalian creatures, but distorted to become larger and fiercer beasts (that is, wolves become dire-wolves and tigers become saber-tooth tigers). Beyond the the Land of Ice, the deep-arctic region is beyond the tolerance of any life form the Land of Ice. The Bone-Men believe that it leads to a void of nothingness, and to cross into that void would not just erase that person from existence, but also erase that person from history; as if he or she was never born! Those Bone-Men who disgraced themselves beyond the point of redemption, would trek to the void, trying not to freeze to death along the way.

Between both of these lands, is the Land of Rock. This is the most temperate region on the planet, but is mostly a desert savanna. This region is in a permanent state of dusk, but there is enough of a wobble to simulate a "day" (morning) and "night" (twilight). Life here is also the most diverse (but mostly with creatures akin to Earth's prehistoric life, like dinosaurs and Ice-Age animals) with a number of creatures (and people) migrating from the extreme climates. The people here are called the "Dust-Men," as they have tan skin and dusty black and brown hair. Much like the land they live in, their attitudes and appearances are diverse, but primitive and wild. Beyond the occasional people from the other lands, they also share their environment with savage Ape-Men.

The cities live apart from the locals, as they see them as nothing more them simpleminded savages.

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